Dare to Dream, Lucinda Jarrett & Chris Rawlence 

Associate set and costume designer 

Director: Karen Gillingham 
Set and costume designer: Rhiannon Newman Brown

Associate set and costume designer: Constance Villemot
Movement director: Natasha Khamjani
Composer & music director: Hannah Conway 
Video designer: Claudia Lee

Buckinghamshire Music Trust
Royal Albert Hall, March 2019

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"A massed choir of 650 primary school children from Buckinghamshire, a stage company of 90 primary school children from three Buckinghamshire schools. 
Poems and themes initiated and explored in Skype workshops, connecting the stage company children with pupils in the three other countries have been interwoven into a libretto by Lucinda Jarrett and Chris Rawlence from Rosetta Life. The filmed content will bring the young poets from Syria, Uganda and Bangladesh to the stage and incorporate their images and voices into the production. These children across the globe have explored some challenging conversations about difficult lives and have developed a shared vision of hope through friendship and a belief in their collective future."

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