Jekyll & Hyde, Dave Carey 

Set designer

Director: Jonny Morton

Costume designer: Emma Gale

Set designer: Constance Villemot

Lighting designer: Andrew Caddie

Chickenshed Theatre Company

Chickenshed Studio, September/October 2018 ​


All images © ​Natalie Gee and Daniel Beacock​.

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"The classic nineteenth-century urban street setting – worthy of Oliver or Les Mis – gives the cast a huge stage to work with, which is just as well as there are quite a few of them!" Everything Theatre  ☆☆☆


"A bridge and sewer below face down to Jekyll’s house and the evocative set designed by Constance Villemot is well used throughout." The Spy in the Stalls  ☆☆☆☆


"In this production of Jekyll & Hyde which is directed by Jonny Morton, the patina of Victorian London is fully realised. As the audience walks through the corridors, the walls themselves are made to look like seasoned brickwork, adorned in vintage posters. Utilising traverse staging, the audience then sits either side of ‘the street’, watching what happens outside the doors of people’s homes and the well-crafted arch/balcony at one end of the stage area." Breaking the Fourth wall  ☆☆☆☆


"Constance Villemot's authentic setting takes us back to the latter years of Victorian London with much brick work simulating buildings, a kind of bridge over an archway at one end of the acting area, and Dr Jekyll's laboratory at the other end, cleverly appearing via a revolve to show his scientific glassware lit from behind." Actdrop  ☆☆☆


"The production, in Dr Jekyll’s lab was visually amazing and a personal highlight. The smoke machine, green lights reflected onto all his potions in glassware gave off Rocky Horror Picture Show vibes. " Curtain Call  ☆☆☆


"Entering the theatre, you are immersed in a Victorian London, with the traverse staging being a street leading to Jekyll's front door. The set is excellent, designed by Constance Villemot with a multitude of doors leading off the street and a victorian bridge at one end. The set is well utilised, meaning it never feels overcrowded by its large cast." Cue Charlotte

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