Tell it Slant, Maev Mac Coille
Set & costume designer

Director: Erica Miller
Set & costume designer: Constance Villemot 
Lighting designer: Toby Smith 
Sound designer: Frank David 
manager: Emily Godowski
Producers: Maev Mac Coille & Erica Miller

Merry Spinsters, The Hope Theatre, February 2020

All images © Benjamin Graham & Constance Villemot 

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"Constance Villemot’s set perfectly conveys a busy press office with desks cluttered with newspapers, laptops, notes and pens, a whiteboard and television showing the breaking news. Aided by the Hope Theatre’s intimate setting, we feel part of the department." - Camden New Journal

"Constance Villemot’s well thought out set gives us the untidy press office with a TV on the wall… showing that well known news organisation BNN… as we see what is really happening outside. Sound and lighting added to the drama." - London Pub Theatre magazine

"Constance Villemot’s design really brings to life the press office location, and is evocative of the many open plan offices I’ve worked in across the years." - View from the outside

"The Hope Theatre is such an intimate venue that this was perfectly incorporated with the layout of the room. A large table was in the centre of the stage, with two rows for audience on three sides surrounding the table. It left little room for the actors and almost felt as if we were part of the performance. The characters knew the world was watching them to see what move they would make in the play, and we could see their distress very clearly." - Those London Chicks

© Constance Villemot - 2020